My VSCode Setup For PHP / Laravel

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My VSCode Setup For PHP / Laravel

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We all need some suggestions once in a while about what tools to make our work easier as software engineers.

Hence, I am sharing what my VSCode setup looks like as a PHP/Laravel developer.


I currently use Xdebug. There are some supporting extensions to work with it in VSCode. But the software itself has to be installed directly on your machine. You can visit to learn about how you can install one for your PC / MAC.
On VSCode, you need to install some supporting extensions to work with Xdebug,
I use the following:

  • PHP Debug

  • PHP extension pack (by Xdebug)


To get that autocomplete and sweet indications when you are typing the right methods and classes. I use the following extensions.

  • PHP Intellisense

  • PHP intelephense

  • Laravel Intellisense

Code Formatting

To avoid having to move those tabs and spaces manually, I use,

  • PHP CS Fixer

  • Laravel Blade formatter (for .blade.php files)

  • PHP (all-in-one PHP support by DevSense) - This does some intellisense as well.

  • DotEnv (syntax highlighting for .env files)


For the look and feel of the code editor, I use the following,

  • Theme - Dracula official.

  • Font - Fira Code (, to use this font, you need to install the font on your PC/MAC and set it as your default font in VSCode.
    Installation instructions are on the GitHub link.